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We construct machines for the textile finishing industry like Padders, squeezers and complete plants for dyeing, washing and coating lines. We are the specialist for repair service and provide our customers with spare parts for their machines brand KÜSTERS, Krefeld.

The most of these parts are stocked in our warehouse as well as ready-refurbished S-Rolls for exchange.

Hereinafter some photos of recently delivered new machines:

Padder 22.58/2200

completely of stainless steel,
Under liquor squeezer
Quick clean
Level controller

compl. pre-installed

Dyeing Padder 222.11/1800

Under liquor squeezer
Belt drive

Finishing padder 222.58/1800

Zinc-plated machine frame

Finishing padder 222.53/3400

compl. pre-installed

Padder combination 2x 222.58/2000

Level control
driven expander
trough heating

Finishing padder 522.53/3400

Arrangement of the rolls horizontally
1 S-Roll
1 conventional roll
Trough extendible

Finishing padder 222.59/3000

Finishing Padder 222.54/5200
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